Benefits of Alternative Therapies

  It is estimated that about ninety percent of disease is stress related. 

And perhaps nothing ages us faster, internally and externally, than high stress.

Reiki, Energy Healing, Healing Drum are effective tools for managing that stress because they:

Decrease anxiety

Balance the Body's Energy

Enhancing sleep quality

Reducing fatigue

Lessen depression and anxiety

Release endorphins, the body's natural painkiller 

Drumming vibrates the cells back into balance


Massage helps with the following health issues: 

Improves concentration

  Increases circulation 

Improves range of motion

Improves the condition of the skin

·Increases joint flexibility

·Exercises and stretches weak or tight muscles

·Pumps oxygen into tissues and vital organs, improving circulation

·Reduces spasms and cramping

       ·Relaxes and softens injured, tired and overused muscles


Creative visualization knows no boundaries and you can basically be and do anything you desire

Elimination of chronic stress from the body, which strengthens your immune system

Creation of internal changes in the body and boost the immune system to combat illnesses.

Helps synthesize healing chemical such as encephalin and endorphins to the bloodstream.

Helps you learn new skills in sports and athletics more rapidly.

Helps you to overcome sickness or injuries in a faster rate.

Builds inner belief, positivity and confidence.

One of the benefits of creative visualization is overcoming nervousness.

Helps overcome technical problems in sports.

Improves rhythm in exercising.

Helps you maintain your concentration.

Prevents unnecessary mistakes in athletics.

Helps overcome long-term negative beliefs and recurring problem

Conditions your body for a perfect performance.



Helps baby feel loved

Soothes and relaxes

Promotes better sleep

Facilitates body awareness

Boosts immune system

Improves skin condition

Improves blood circulation

Helps with gas pains and discomfort

Releases endorphins, natural pain killers, to ease emotional distress

Helps digestion

Balances respiration

Relief for teething pains

Help waste elimination

Stimulates production of oxytocin

(Oxytocin is a hormone pain reliever and has a calming effect on the person.)