" People ask me how I manage to stay so young looking and fit and I always say...it's my Yoga Classes!! In just a few short lessons I was able to touch my toes... something I haven't been able to do for 20 years!!" 

I have also had Reiki Treatments, NO ONE does Reiki as good as Nancy!! I felt as though I had a whole new body!!

            N.E.Tauton ( year old Great Great Grandmother)

      I have never had a Lomilomi massage before but I can tell you...I feel so relaxed that I don't     even know if I can walk...Thank you...NOW I want to go to Hawaii!!!!

            Carole S

           I see my RMT once a week for my chronic pain and I have to say that half way through this massage from you I   feel the difference already! This is absolutely fantastic! Thank you Nancy


            I would rather have one Reiki treatment from you than 50 milligrams of Morphine!! I feel SO good.

           Cancer Patient - Maxine Bradburne

           I came into get a treatment... I had to be helped in by my friend because my back hurt SO much I could hardly   walk!! Nancy helped me up on the table, I was in so much pain! An hour later, I was able to sit up!! I got off of the   table and was able to walk back to the car without my friends help! It was truly a miracle, Nancy IS Healing Hands!! THANK YOU NANCY!!

           bless! Cathy Shae

        Thank you for that massage , I feel SO relaxed I think I am just going to go and have a nap. My stress and tension   are gone!! I didn't think of numbers even ONCE!!!

T.S.- Accountant

 THAT was the best Reflexology treatment I have EVER had...I want to come back tomorrow for another!!!

                  Holly. F.


           I don't know what you do to my neck but honestly, I can turn my head side to side with no clicking, tension, ....just like a new neck. And your touch is so gentle......Thanks for your willingness to spend a little time after our     class.  You are special.

           Seasons Greetings

           Carol Popp

           Hi Nancy,

  I am very happy that I decided to take your class on Indian Head Massage. 
 Your instruction was very good, in that it was easy to understand and easy to follow your clear direction.
 PS.  My husband has enjoyed an Indian Head Massage every day since your class, and I'm enjoying the practice.
          Thanks!!!  Diane                                                                                                                           

                         "It's MORE than laughing! It's more than yoga! It's just an absolute HOOT! It helps SO many things! You should try it and just feel it for yourself!!!"

                        Laurie M. (young gramma!!)

           " I absolutely Love coming to Laughing Hatha Yoga! In fact I schedule NOTHING else for Thursday afternoons! We have such fun and for the first time I feel NO pain! It's great! I highly recommend it!"

            Julie (car accident victim who suffered severe back injury and was in a body cast)

     "At first I thought everyone was nuts! But then realized how much better you feel after the class.It was fun and the stretching felt good! So did the relaxation part, I almost fell asleep.             It would be good for anyone...all ages. I like it...a lot!"

          Geoff C. (22 year old stock person)

            ... I told my friend how much fun it was and that my stomach was sore from laughing!!! Thank you for the fun and laughter Nancy

             Rae E. (50 ish!)

              I highly recommend Nancy's classes, she is a wonderful teacher and brilliant healer!Brilliant spirit!!

              Had a wonderful Reiki session with Nancy today! What a blessing to have such a lovely, caring, and                                                               very knowledgeable practitioner here in our town......Would highly recommend Nancy to people seeking alternative healing!!

              Janet Edwards, Parksville BC

                  Nancy is my Angel! She has helped me SO much with her wonderful loving hands and gentle massage!!! Everyone should give it a try.


                   After ONE reflexology treatment from Nancy I noticed the difference RIGHT away!! If I wouldn't have experienced this myself I never would have believed I!! It's WONDERFUL!

                   Hazel T.


              EEEEEKKKKKKK...so ALSO nice to get feed back on doing these suits for Elvis Tribute Artists!! Put in so many painstaking hours of work! BUT keep getting wonderful kudos such as this!!
              Much Gratitude!!! 

              Re: Aloha Suit
              Hi !
             Just want you to know that I received my Aloha suit today and all I can say is WOW!!! It's beautiful and detailed perfect. You and your staff did an excellent job! I want everyone to know what a wonderful job you did! Again, thank you so much! You made a dream of mine come true!!

             God Bless,